How Do I Become a Member? 

First of all, we are glad that you sense God's leading to consider becoming a part of our church family. Here are some steps:

  1. Step one: let us know that you desire to become a member. Or, if you are not yet decided to join but are interested to know more about the church, let us know of your interest. You may inform us of your desire or interest by speaking with the pastor at the end of the service or by phone or email.
  2. Step two: sign-up and attend the  Membership Seminar, which is offered once a quarter. For dates, go here

  3. Step three: fill out the “Membership Application” and meet with the pastor for a 30-45 minutes meeting.
  4. Step four: the pastor recommends you for membership during the next Members' Meeting (scheduled bi-monthly). At that time the gathered members will vote your acceptance into the church membership. The following week you will receive a letter (email) informing of the church's affirmation of your membership.

Why do we have this membership process?


Because it is a process of integration

Integration into a body of believers does not happen instantly

Integration into a body of believers does not happen superficially


Because it is a means to get informed

You will get to hear more concretely about the direction of the church, about its values, its leadership and its structure

The pastor makes it his personal priority to get to know each new member by leading this class and interacting personally with you


Because it is a service to you

We want you to know what you are joining before you make the commitment

Other Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When do I become a member of the church? 
    Only when step four is completed.
  2. If I take the Membership Seminar will I have to become a member?
    No. One purpose of this seminar is to orient you into the fabric of our community. You may take this seminar and conclude that you are not ready to join, at least not immediately. That is your decision.
  3. If I am committed to join, do I still have to take the Membership Seminar?
    Yes. This seminar offers both an orientation for those who are undecided and an intentional process of integration into the church community for those who are decided.
  4. What does the Membership Seminar cover?
    This seminar covers the following six topics: (1) The Statement of Faith: What Christ-followers at PHBC believe? (2) Church and Membership: why do they matter? (3) What is A Healthy Church Member? (4) The History of Christianity and the Future of PHBC. (5) Your service in the body of Christ at PHBC. (6) The Church Covenant.